Counting Penguins with Oceanites

Join Polar Latitudes & Oceanites As We Count Penguins & Explore the Antarctic.

We’re thrilled to be partnering with Oceanites, the world’s only publicly supported non-profit Antarctic research program, on seven voyages in the 2023-2024 season. Penguin experts will be on hand during these departures to conduct research and educate guests as they celebrate their 30th anniversary monitoring the vastly warmed Antarctic Peninsula. Please choose an itinerary below to see details.

To enquire or learn more request a booking or call Polar Latitudes at 1-802-698-8479.

Adventures In Antarctica

12 DAYS (9 nights on board) / Nov 20 – Dec 1, 2023

Our most concise itinerary takes the best of the Peninsula, from towering ice vistas to an overwhelming array of wildlife, just about the only thing you won’t experience on this trip is disappointment.

Celebrating Antarctica

13 DAYS (10 nights on board) / Nov 29th–Dec 11, 2023, Dec 9–Dec 21, 2023, Jan 28–Feb,9 2024

We’ll have lots to celebrate, including the 30th Anniversary of Oceanites founding. This 13-day itinerary allows us to spend an extra day on the peninsula, exploring its secrets, and soaking in its wild beauty.

Christmas in Antarctica

13 DAYS (10 nights on board) / Dec.19–Dec 31, 2023

The best place in the world to celebrate Christmas is the “White Continent”. 

Crossing the Circle

15 DAYS (12 nights on board) / Jan 16–30, 2024, Feb 7–21, 2024

Only a tiny fraction of the people who visit Antarctica each year cross the 66th parallel. So, if you join our crossing voyage, you’ll be part of a pretty exclusive club. You’ll also be a time-traveler, as you get closer to the south pole the weather will begin to be more like it was on the peninsula several months before.