Photography That Astounds

Award-Winning Coaches for Every Skill Level and Camera

Whatever your level of experience, and whatever camera you happen to carry, our award-winning photography coaches will help you bring home images that capture the unparalleled natural beauty and sheer magic of your Antarctica adventure. On every voyage, a dedicated photography coach will be at your disposal with invaluable

tips and advice on how to capture the natural beauty of this unique landscape and all that inhabit it – in the unique light and weather conditions that can make Antarctica both special and challenging to photography lovers of all skill sets.

Here’s How It Works

Photography coaches are available to all passengers without limit, and our coaches remain available all day onboard our vessels, to give advice on Zodiac cruises, on shore landings, or on deck; when you want to photograph seabirds on the wing, if a pod of whales swims by, or during an amazing sunset.

The Photography Coach doubles as the trip photographer and will be on hand to document the most memorable moments from your voyage. At the end of every trip, each guest is given a USB Flash Drive Keepsake – this is a collection of not only photographs, but maps, staff bios, landing site info, and general information about Antarctica. Print and frame your favorites, create photo books or slideshows, or share on social media!

Trip of a Lifetime

The expedition team were amazing and made the cruise for us, This together with the fantastic scenery and wildlife makes this a unique destination. Try following in Shackleton and our footsteps and do the trip of a lifetime with Polar Latitudes

Daren B.
Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctica, 2018

About Our Coaches

Each Photo Coach comes with his or her own unique perspective and skills. Coaches will have advice for everyone from those using simple point and shoot cameras, iPhones, or GoPros, all the way to those with sophisticated Digital SLR set-ups. More importantly, they will challenge you to experiment with new settings and techniques and expand your creative possibilities using your camera's manual settings. They may cover topics from basic photographic theory like ISO, shutter speed, and aperture, to composition techniques and dealing with the specific challenges of polar photography.

Questions? Put Our Coaches to Work!

Have more questions about cameras, lenses, lighting, recharging batteries, additional equipment to bring (or not)? Well, then, let’s put our photography coaches to work right now. Check out our photography guide, where our resident pros try to answer any and all of your questions.