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As you’re looking at different Antarctic travel options, the similarities can be hard to miss. We all have photos of incredible wildlife and majestic icebergs, assurances of highly experienced onboard staff and expedition teams, first class food and accommodations, and of course, a strong emphasis on safety.

If those things are true for all Antarctic operators (and for the most part, they are) how does one ultimately decide who to travel with?

We believe it comes down to passion and people.

Here are five things that are important to us. If they’re important to you too – we’ll see you on board.

1. We Are Founder Owned and Operated

We are not a gleam in the eye of a hedge-fund manager, and we are not part of a giant hospitality operation. We do this because we couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

You may even see one of our owners on board, or driving you on your next zodiac adventure.

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2. We Only Travel to Antarctica

And we’ve been doing it for more than a decade. It’s what we love, and we don’t share that love with a dozen other places around the world.

When people travel with us, they feel that love, and they benefit from our deep knowledge of a continent unlike any other.

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3. We Offer a Small-Ship Experience

There’s no “herding,” no early and late dinner shifts, no endless waiting for your turn to board a zodiac, and no missing out on excursion opportunities.

On a Polar Latitudes voyage, we’re all one team, and Antarctica is an intimate, personalized experience we share together.

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4. You’ll Feel Like Part of the Family

We hear this all the time from departing passengers, and we love it. On board, you’re not just a passenger, you’re a fellow explorer. Your dinner tablemates might be expedition leaders, photography coaches, our whale-tracking partners from Woods Hole, or even our President who still travels with us several times a year.

By the end of your journey, you’ll know us by name, and you may even make some new friends for life.

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Our Team is Better than Great; They’re Nice

We believe our staff, top to bottom, is the most experienced, skilled team in Antarctica. But we also hire for the things that don’t appear on most resumes. A passion for exploration. A desire to be part of a team. Fun to be around. And a love for passing their love of this incredible place on to everyone around them.

When an expedition team is out of sync, it’s not just bad for them, it’s bad for you, too. So we make sure it never happens.

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