Antarctica: Cruise or Voyage?

Planning a Cruise to Antarctica? Consider a Voyage.

Antarctica is the last great unpopulated wilderness on the planet. Mysterious, otherworldly, often life-changing. It’s also highly regulated. And how you travel there can make all the difference in terms of how you experience this magical place. So, choose a ship that best suits the experience you’re looking for. This can come down to choosing between a cruise… and a voyage.

Don’t Just See Antarctica, Participate In It!

Cruise ships with over 500 passengers onboard are not permitted to land or place passengers anywhere on the land itself in Antarctica. As a result, their focus – and ultimately yours – will be the on-board experience, featuring a variety of amenities, activities, and luxury services. Think of a high-end hotel, albeit one passing through Antarctic waters. Sounds ideal? Then we’re probably not the best fit for you.

Authentic and Deeply Engaging Voyages

Because at Polar Latitudes, we don’t offer cruises. We offer authentic and deeply engaging Antarctic voyages. There’s a reason Antarctica is, and always has been, our one and only destination. It’s like no other place on earth, something you can’t fully appreciate without immersing yourself in the continent itself. So, while we take great pride in our beautiful and comfortable ship, the SS Seaventure, the amenity we’re most proud of delivering better than anyone isn’t the one on our ship, but off it.

Two Off-Ship Excursions per Day with An Experienced and Supportive Expedition Team

When you voyage with us, you’ll enjoy a more personalized small ship experience, typically shared by less than 140 passengers, with an emphasis on getting you up close and personal with Antarctica, in a spirit of shared exploration, improvisation, and discovery. Our twice-daily excursions into the wildlife-rich waters and onto the continent itself will typically have you in full explorer mode for six hours a day. Our expedition team, with an average of 14 years experience, is among the most knowledgeable and skilled in seeking out the best that Antarctica has to offer, important attributes in a part of the world that is always evolving, always offering new challenges and opportunities, often minute-by-minute. Even onboard, our programs, presentations, and acclaimed guests will fuel your inner explorer and serve to increase your sense of wonder, while furthering your appreciation of all things Antarctica.

Ready to Start Your Journey?

Of course, the choice between a cruise and a voyage is ultimately yours. We hope that choice will be to embark on a voyage into Antarctica with us. If so, prepare yourself for nothing less than the experience of a lifetime.

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