Your most immersive Antarctic adventure begins here.

This Is Us.

We are Polar Latitudes. We like to say we’re not a travel company, we’re an experience company. We believe the greatest amenity any ship can offer in this magical part of the world is Antarctica itself. So, every opportunity on board and off is provided with that in mind.

Traveling with us, you’ll join a close-knit crew of experienced, explorer-minded individuals eager to share their knowledge and passion for Antarctica with you. Ours is a more personalized small ship experience, with an emphasis on safety, spontaneity, and fun. And we embrace our responsibility to care for this fragile part of the world.

A singular devotion to Antarctica.

Polar Latitudes isn’t the new ship on the block. And for us, Antarctica isn’t just another destination. We’re founder-owned and still founder-operated. Together our senior management team has nearly a century’s worth of experience in Antarctic waters, and we launched Polar Latitudes with only one destination in mind – you guessed it.

Our entire team’s passion for this ethereal continent will be apparent from the minute you step onboard. You might even be greeted by John McKeon, seen here. He’s President and one of our founders, and he still sails with us multiple times each season, to drive zodiacs, catch up with team members, and share experiences with – and learn from – our passengers.

It’s ok to jump ahead.

Want to get right into the details? Here are a few good places to start.

Our trips

Whether a key consideration is timing, cost, or length of voyage, every trip places a strong emphasis on getting you intimately engaged with all things Antarctica.

Our team

Here are the key players who will ensure that you have the experience of a lifetime onboard and off.

Our activities

From photography to kayaking to Citizen Science to sleeping under the stars, no passion need go unfed on a Polar Latitudes voyage.

All penguins are created equal. All voyages are not.

Any number of ships can take you to Antarctica. And the incredible landscape, the wildlife, and Antarctica’s ethereal light – it will all be waiting for you regardless. Yes, even those adorable penguins! But how you experience this mysterious place and how deeply it touches you will depend in large part on who you travel with. Consider traveling with Polar Latitudes if:

1) You want the most immersive Antarctic adventure.

As luxurious as our ship is, we believe the greatest amenity we can offer you is Antarctica itself. For the most immersive experience, consider traveling with a company whose knowledge of this mysterious continent runs 12 seasons deep. We’ll show you the “insider” version of this incredible and often elusive part of the world. Explore All Itineraries

2) You’d rather be with a company that’s “been there, pioneered that.”

Our experience and environmental leadership in these waters are second to none. We were the first to bring a Citizen Science program onboard every voyage; the first to join and support the Polar Science Collective; the first to adopt a rigorous third-party training and accreditation system for our entire team; and the first to create a position of onboard passenger service manager – all to ensure each voyager has the safest and most experiential journey possible. More on Being First

3) You prefer a small ship, more personalized experience.

Maybe you’re one of those people who wants to feel part of a smaller, more like-minded team; who enjoys a more personalized, stress-free adventure; and who likes the idea of being on a first name basis with your expedition team. These are just some of the things that only a small ship experience can deliver. Explore Our Ship

4) You want the best performing team around you.

With more ships entering Antarctic waters, staffing them has become a challenge for many, but not for Polar Latitudes. The majority of our highly experienced onboard and expedition teams return to us year after year. They share a passion for Antarctica, and perform like the familiar, well-rehearsed team they are. All of which adds up to a flawlessly delivered and ultimately unforgettable Antarctic adventure for you. Meet the Team

5) And yeah, you’d like it to be fun, too.

Our standards of excellence and performance are the highest in the industry. But we also place great value on the intangibles. We’re down to earth and fun to be around. You’ll come to know us by name, and we’ll undoubtedly share a few laughs (and maybe even a hug or two). People often say we make them feel like family. That’s something we’ve very proud of, since most of us really like our families.

Responsible Travel

It’s no secret that global travel is a double-edged sword. Great for the soul, but less so for the planet. There’s no whitewashing that. But we embrace our responsibility to do everything we can to care for this place that we cherish so much, and to support others who feel the same way. Through recycling programs, the industry’s most efficient use of fuel, and an array of environmental partnerships and pioneering programs like Citizen Science, we look for every opportunity to be a force for global good, especially in our beloved Antarctica.