Filomena Borba

Staying Safe Before You Travel

As we head into our third Antarctic season since COVID-19 began, we want to ensure that our guests, staff, and crew remain safe and healthy all season long. While things will still look a little different than it did pre-COVID, we believe that our team has done a wonderful job researching, determining, and implementing all the new protocols that will stay in place throughout the season.

We learned some things during the voyages we ran last season that will help us all travel even more safely this year. The one thing that stood out to us is that all instances of positive cases aboard other ships originated before departure, not on the ships themselves.

Here are some tips that everyone can do before arriving at the ship to ensure that each and every passenger makes it safely aboard and remains healthy so everyone can experience the trip of a lifetime to Antarctica.

We can summarize what you can do in two words: BE VIGILANT.

We recommend that 10 days prior to your departure, do your very best to be vigilant by:

  • Avoiding crowds
  • Practicing good masking
  • Keeping a social distance in public areas
  • Washing your hands thoroughly and using hand sanitizer often
  • Using sanitizer wipes to clean as you travel
  • Getting a vaccine booster if eligible

Our President and CEO traveled to the Seaventure early in the 2021 season and recorded this short, off-the-cuff video about his personal experiences with traveling to the ship. If you are nervous about the in-transit experience, this may provide reassurance for you.

Together we can collectively keep the ship virus-free and experience the Antarctic adventure the way we should. We recommend that if you are traveling with us this season you familiarize yourself and your travel partners with our 21-22 Season Arrival Protocols and S.H.I.E.L.D program.

Have questions or concerns?

You can reach out to our team anytime and they will be happy to help you.