Solo Travel in Antarctica

March, 2021 | Planning Your Antarctica Trip

Travel isn’t something usually done alone, but when it is, it is oftentimes the most rewarding experience. Polar travel is no different, in fact, polar travel is perfectly suited for solo travel. Here are a few reasons why we think traveling to Antarctica on your own is a great idea.

When traveling to Antarctica on small, expedition-style cruise ships like ours, you are hardly ever alone. There’s a sense of comraderie that grows from day one. Interestingly enough, almost as much as 30-40% of travelers to the polar regions are traveling solo. Pricing for voyages is stated in an individual cost, and berths (beds) are sold as such. This means you can ‘bunk up’ with a fellow traveler from almost anywhere in the world without having to pay the standard price of a double. Can you say ‘new bestie’?

*** Polar Latitudes generally designates berths for sharing by gender, but if you don’t fit into the gender “norms” and want to share, let us know and we will make it work. Antarctica is for everyone.

Photography in Antarctica

Enjoying the amazing stillness and quiet of Antarctica


Moments of serene reflection

Days onboard are full of activity. Your accommodation tends to be merely where you shower, dress and lay your head. You never know when there might be a whale sighting just off the ship, and these unexpected events mean anyone might be running to the decks to see what’s happening at any time (in their bathrobe and slippers no less!).

You are in one of the wildest, most remote places in the world. Here, the silence is a time to savour. This is a place where taking time for yourself to reflect and drink it all in is part of its deep charm. You don’t have to worry about being a ‘part of the action’. Everyone is part of the amazing story being played out before them, it’s up to you how much of a part you wish to play it. So sit back and savour the serenity. Feel the natural stillness around you.

Each day is a different adventure

While some may be kayaking, others may be onshore hiking or honing their photography skills. Some guests are passionate about wildlife, others just want to take in a moment of deep quiet in the most remote place on earth. When traveling solo, the adventure is yours to choose – which group do you FEEL like going with that day? There is no commitment to what someone else wants, it’s just you and you decide what you want for yourself.

That being said, with so many amazing characters aboard, you may just find yourself amid a lively discussion with your fellow travelers over dinner. You might connect with like-minded adventurers you never thought you’d meet. You could bond with staff, your roommate, your kayaking buddy without even realizing it. Antarctica works its magic on everyone, and you will all have that in common.

At the end of the day, it’s your trip and you can make it what you want it to be. Whether you’re curling up with a book and hitting the sack early or enjoying a later evening discussing the day’s adventures at the bar, you make the call in how involved with the other passengers you want to be.


Making new friends

do Antarctica your way

No matter who you encounter or bond with, we can honestly say that the people who have made it as far as Antarctica are a special kind of person. They are adventurous, intellectual, independent or all of the above. Newfound friendships are made and last through the length of the voyage, whether you want to keep that friendship going after the ship docks is up to you.

So why travel solo to Antarctica? The freedom to do Antarctica your way. As we can attest, this is one of the most special places you will ever visit in your lifetime. There shouldn’t be any compromising here. Experience the freedom without the negotiation. Enjoy it to the fullest, every single day you are in the most magical place on earth. That is what everyone onboard your voyage will be doing too.

Interested in traveling solo to Antarctica with us? Have more questions? Speak to your preferred agent or contact us anytime for assistance. We’re happy to help!