Built for Antarctic Travel

Imagine the thrill of exploring the depths of Antarctica like few others have the opportunity to do. Now picture doing so without sacrificing your comfort or compromising your expectations for an unforgettable trip to this enchanting continent. Welcome aboard the MS Seaventure, our exceptional vessel designed to bring you to the White Continent and provide the most immersive and extraordinary experience for all our guests.

Lemaire Channel

Seaventure cruising in Antarctica

Did you know that the Seaventure has an impressive 1-A Super ice class rating? That’s the highest ice class awarded to passenger vessels! Having a rating like this means that we are able to explore coves, bays, and channels that are forbidden or otherwise inaccessible to ships with lesser ratings.

The Seaventure’s experienced Captain and crew expertly maneuver the ship safely and efficiently through Antarctica’s icy waters, ensuring that each voyage is unique for our guests.

One of Seaventure's dining areas

One of the Seaventure’s dining areas

This lovely expedition cruise vessel was originally designed for around 180 passengers, but after a complete refit we reduced the number of berths to a maximum of 139. Because of this, we are able to maximize time ashore for each guest – so you can make the most of your time on the white continent.

Described as ‘comfortable and spacious‘, guests enjoy the many quiet spots around the ship to relax. The Seaventure also offers a sauna, fitness center, and custom-built citizen science lab for guests to enjoy. You can learn more about the ships amenities and see our full deck plan here.

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Seaventure in Antarctica

Inerested in Booking a Trip?

If you are interested in booking a a voyage to Antarctica with us on the Seaventure, contact your preferred travel professional or reach out to us here, we are happy to answer any questions you may have.