A day hiking in Antarctica means you are wandering where few have gone before. There are no set trails for hiking (unless you count the ‘penguin highways’), just rocky or snowy terrain for you to explore. All our voyages offer guided hikes of varying durations to suit all abilities. No matter what your preference, exploring on foot is one of the best ways to experience the amazing areas we visit on our Antarctic cruises.

More active guests seeking a challenge may prefer hiking to a high vantage point to take in the incredible views, while others may choose to hike along the shore. There are always several hiking options provided to suit the variety of interests for our guests.

Types of Hikes

Educational / Photography Walks

Choose your area of interest, whether it be historyphotographywildlife or otherwise, and hike across the snow, ice and rocky shores with our knowledgeable staff as they share their expertise.

Contemplative Meandering

Wander along beaches, sit somewhere quiet and collect your thoughts or explore wildlife colonies at a slow pace. This hiking experience is a mellow and restorative option. We highly recommend doing this at least once so that you can really take in how special Antarctica truly is.

Elevation Hikes

Take your hike to the next level by challenging yourself on a more strenuous hike. This type of adventure takes you hiking up to higher peaks and incredible viewing areas that let you further explore the landscape. Note: We only hikes in areas outside of glaciated terrain for safety purposes.

If you have any questions about your health or hiking skills in relation to our hikes, please do not hesitate to visit to contact us. Our team is happy to answer any of your questions, anytime.

Gear List

What is Provided

  • Unique shore landings for hiking
  • Wind and waterproof Polar Latitudes jacket (yours to keep)
  • Waterproof boots (loaned to you for the duration of your expedition)
  • Hiking poles
  • Hiking, Naturalist, Photography and History guides

Recommended to Bring

  • Base and mid-layer clothing (layering is very important!)
  • Waterproof breathable pants
  • Wool or synthetic hiking socks
  • Sturdy Hiking boots (if you don’t want to wear the rubber boots)
  • Warm hat and/or Brimmed hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen and lip balm (minimum SPF 30)
  • Backpack, preferably water-resistant
  • Warm gloves
  • Camera and accessories
  • Water bottle

Interested in hiking in this epic place on an Antarctic cruise?

Reach out to our team for more information!

Counting penguins in Antarctica
Hiking in Antarctica
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Hiking in Antarctica
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