We are thrilled to have kicked off our 21-22 Season with relative ‘smooth sailing’. After months of hard work put into focusing on seemingly endless moving targets, the Polar Latitudes team put a carefully crafted, multi-faceted and thorough safety plan into place – and in the recent days, we saw it meticulously played out perfectly before our eyes.

Let’s review!

Drivers greet charter cruise guests in Buenos Aires.

Scientists tagging whales in Antarctica

Staff member Sarah greets our charter guests at the Alvear Art Hotel in Buenos Aires.



Guests arrived at the Buenos Aires airport and were greeted by a professional driver, who brought them to our preferred hotel, the wonderful Alvear Art Hotel in central Buenos Aires. Once arrived, guests were welcomed by a Polar Latitudes representative at our Welcome Desk.


During their time at the Alvear Art Hotel, guests were screened for COVID symptoms and given a COVID test. Guests gathered in a grand ballroom for a lovely spread of food, and during that time a Polar Latitudes staff member gave them a trip briefing to inform them how things would work for transferring to the ship and their anticipated voyage to Antarctica.

Following the briefing, there was some downtime and guests were welcomed to relax and enjoy the hotel. A fabulous dinner was served at the hotel after everyone received their negative test results, and our ‘Polar Latitudes bubble’ was complete. Next stop – Ushuaia!


Meanwhile at the ship in Ushuaia, staff and crew busily prepare for the arrival of the guests. There is a buzz of excitement as team members reunite, supplies are loaded and gear is checked over to make sure everything is perfect for when the guests arrive.

Scientists tagging whales in Antarctica

Charter guests on the first voyage board the charter flight to Ushuaia


BA to Ushuaia

The excitement builds to an apex as everyone boarded a charter bus which then brought them directly to the ship. To observe the Seaventure at-the-ready to bring everyone to Antarctica was a sight to behold. After unloading from the bus, guests were screened one last time with a temperature check at the gangway before boarding. Once on board, the hotel staff and crew assist guests to their staterooms to get comfortable. Now the adventure REALLY begins. Anchors away!


Bon voyage to all of our guests, staff and crew on this inaugural voyage of the 21/22 Season! May you have fair wind and following seas (an old sailors’ adage which essentially means: may you have smooth sailing). Congratulations to everyone involved that made this first voyage depart seamlessly.


Have a question or comment? Interested in voyaging to Antarctica with us? Our team is standing by to assist you. Reach out and contact us anytime.