Meet the Team – Randy

November, 2020 | Meet Our Polar Guides & Staff

The staff that make up the Polar Latitudes expedition and home teams are much more than a team – we are a tight knit family. Most of us voyage together year after year, sharing a deep love for Antarctica. We take immense pleasure in making sure your trip is one you’ll never forget, and are proud of how highly experienced and synced to our guests needs each staff member is.

Here’s a chance to get to know some of the members of our amazing team a little bit better.

Meet randy!
Expedition Leader Hannah


Name and Job: Randy, musician, guide and occasional Zodiac driver

From: Brno, Czech Republic

Have you been to Antarctica? Many times. I started with PL in 2014. 

What’s your favourite thing about Antarctica? The scenery and landscape

What is your favourite Antarctic animal? ALL OF THEM! Penguins, whales, seals, birds. 

Tell us about your job! I started as a musician / entertainer. I play guitar, sing and entertain the guests. Always loving outdoor activities, I also try to be a useful member of the expedition team. Now I have my RYA Driving Licence Powerboat II (Zodiac), almost completed PTGA certification as a polar guide and 6 years full season experience in Antarctica. I’ve also done one full season in Arctic (Svalbard, Iceland, Greenland, Franz Joseph Land).

What do you love about your job? Everything. Lovely expedition team. 

What are your favourite hobbies? Music, skiing, traveling, electronics. 

What do you do to explore? Outdoor adventures, discovering new places, increasing my knowledge in anything. I mostly watch documentaries. If watching sport then I watch high performance sports like the Olympic Games, World Championships, Formula One, etc. Actively skiing (when possible), swimming (but I am not a good swimmer). 

What is your favourite place you have travelled? Antarctica, Alps, Franz Joseph Land, historical parts of Bali, Mallorca (out of crowded areas). 

What was one thing you learned while in isolation during COVID? I have more friends around and abroad than in my hometown. 

If you could explore anywhere right now, where would it be? Amazonia, Galapagos, New Zealand, Canada, …

If you could go to Antarctica with anyone, who would it be? Anybody from Polar Latitudes

What is your favourite, and guest favourite, songs that you perform on the ship? I like to play rock songs and fortunately the guests like them too. One of favourites is Sultans Of Swing by Dire Straits. It’s a dark joke we have to play the Titanic song in the middle of Drake Passage. It’s lovely to sing “The Whales are everywhere” instead of “The Love Is Everywhere”.