See Antarctica… From a Penguin’s Point of View

To experience Antarctica up close and personal, there’s really no better seat than the one in your own kayak, just inches above the water, navigating among icebergs and glacial ice dating back 30,000 years.

Gliding through an otherworldly landscape, you might encounter surfacing whales, porpoising penguins and languid seals lounging on sea ice or bobbing around in the water. Imagine just taking a quiet moment to stop and take it all in.

Led by our expert guides, sea kayaking is about as intimate and magical as Antarctica gets. There’s nothing like getting up close and personal with the sea life, wildlife and ice in Antarctica – it quite literally brings your experience to an entirely different level. Keen to learn more? Here’s what you need to know.

Is Kayaking Included?

Choosing to kayak on your expedition to Antarctica is a decision you’ll need to make in advance. This program is highly in demand and space is limited as we keep the group small. There is an additional charge for the kayaking experience, and it fills up quickly, so if it’s something you feel intensely about doing, we absolutely recommend signing up as soon as you know.

Is It Worth It?

YES. To put it simply, if this is something you want to do, it is absolutely worth it. This is the only opportunity to see Antarctica from this perspective. It is a remarkable experience that can never be duplicated.

How Does the Program Work?

Once you’ve signed up and are on board, our guides do a thorough job of handing out and explaining all your gear, as well as the basic rules of operating an ocean kayak. Each morning, you’ll meet as a group, assess the weather conditions, and plan out the day.

How Often Will We Paddle?

Ideally, you’ll paddle daily; but of course, that’s always subject to the will of Antarctica’s unpredictable weather and ice.

Is It Mandatory to Participate in Every Outing?

There’s no pressure or commitment to join every outing, though most people that have signed up for the experience do participate in each excursion.  But hey, even the heartiest of souls will sometimes skip an outing in favor of some extra sleep, a Zodiac outing, or a few hours curled up in our library with a good book.

What Are the Requirements?

Participants must be at least 16 years of age, in good health, and have some paddling experience. Kayaking can be demanding on your core and arm muscles so it’s important to be relatively fit.

Is It Safe?

We often get asked if anyone has ever capsized their kayak or experienced a disturbance due to wildlife and the answer is no. Kayaking is a completely safe activity. Always adhere to instructions of your guide. A safety Zodiac is always present as well.

Can I Bring My Camera?

The unique perspective and wildlife viewing possibilities make bringing your camera along a no-brainer, however you’ll want to make sure that your camera (or phone) is securely attached to you at all times. Consider a smaller camera instead of a large DSLR and purchase a lanyard or other security device prior to your trip.

What Is Provided?

  • Kayaks (tandems and singles)
  • Paddles
  • Dry Suits
  • Personal Floatation Devices (PFDs)
  • Pogies (neoprene gloves)

Sign Up Early

If you’re interested in kayaking in Antarctica on your voyage, be sure to sign up early! More questions? Reach out to our team any time!

Kayaking in Antarctica